Dainese: The Leader in Motorcycle Gear and Equipment

Dainese is a highly respected brand known for its top-quality motorcycle gear and equipment. With a strong presence in the racing world, Dainese's products are trusted by the world's best racers on the most prestigious racing circuits. In addition to its racing gear, Dainese also offers a wide range of gear for road, track, and off-road riders.

The latest offerings from Dainese are designed specifically for track enthusiasts who want the best and most protective gear available. Paying homage to two iconic racing circuits in Italy, Mugello and Misano, Dainese presents the Mugello 3 and Misano 3 D-Air racing suits, as well as a women's edition of the Misano 3. These new racing suits prioritize safety, versatility, and comfort. Let's take a closer look at the technology behind them.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The new Dainese D-Air racing suits are lightweight, breathable, and incorporate Dainese's renowned D-Air airbag technology. They also feature the pentaxial elastic system, which provides excellent range of motion and comfort. At the core of these suits is the Dainese D-Air Racing Shield 3X technology, which utilizes microfilament technology to enable three consecutive activations for enhanced safety.

While these racing suits were designed for track use, they are also suitable for spirited road riding. Dainese has included airbag modes, with options for both road and track settings to optimize safety in different conditions. The new D-Air suits are 20 percent lighter than their predecessors, making them more comfortable for longer rides. The Pentaxial Elastic System offers five directions of stretch, allowing for maximum range of motion while riding. Additionally, Dainese's Veloce Racing Neck design reduces neck pressure, improving circulation and overall comfort. This design has been tested by MotoGP riders.

Comprehensive Protection

In addition to the D-Air airbag system, these new racing suits incorporate a comprehensive array of protectors. Pro-Armor protectors on the shoulders and hips provide impact absorption and dissipation, while metal plates on key areas serve as sliders in the event of a lowside. The suits also feature Dainese's Replaceable Slider System (RSS), ensuring durability and ergonomic efficiency. For added comfort, the suits have large perforated areas and vents for optimal airflow on warm track days. They are also compatible with a waterbag kit for extra cooling and have a washable inner liner for longevity and hygiene.


As expected, racing suits built to such high standards come with a premium price tag. The Dainese D-Air racing suits are available in various materials to accommodate different budgets. The Misano 3 Perforated D-Air, made of full-grain cowhide leather, retails for 2,499.95 euros or approximately $2,718 USD. The more premium Mugello 3 Perforated D-Air, featuring kangaroo leather, is priced at 4,449.95 euros or around $4,840 USD. The Misano 3 women's version is available for 2,499.95 euros or approximately $2,718 USD.